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It's on your desk. The area of Canada is greater than that of the United States. Dimitry has no sick pay, no paid vacation and no paid overtime. It's not really finished yet. Whenever he comes up to Tokyo, he stays at our house. This bowl of soup will be enough.

Tell them they're going to have to wait. Patricia would like a word with you. How often do you eat caviar? His character resembles his father's. Have you discussed it with her? Tomorrow's going to be a busy day. I left my key in my room.

She told her story in tears. Naim left the house after breakfast. Shel is a dive master. This situation has to change.

Everybody knows we hate them. When a good opportunity presents itself, I don't let it pass.

Why isn't that working? It worked yesterday. Are you sure we have enough food? "Her charm is beyond description!" the artist exclaimed. We'll get on the airplane in an hour. We have to get him to the hospital before it's too late. I just hope this is enough. I really hope that Werner will come back. Gordon says that he wants to settle down.

We hung in there. You had better make a clean breast of everything. I don't know where to put it in. She gets about with the help of a walker. She likes to drink. Dan was lonely and withdrawn. Let him bark like a dog.

I take my health seriously. You all don't speak English. It is difficult to have one's own house in Tokyo. Women in Africa have shorter and curlier hair. Because of his great professional skill, the lawyer has a large number of clients. That's a very nice suit. Please spare my life. Just tell me who you are.

Nelken is a certified public accountant. Sofia does look really tired.

We don't have a mechanism for sustained funding. Do you want us to tell Jon? It won't happen. He had time to lose himself in his amusement.

What do you and Marilyn usually talk about? Can you imagine? I'm going to call her. We're very close. My father failed in business. The car ran at 40 miles an hour. He came home early in order to see the children before they went to bed.

I can't sleep. It is true that I was head over heels in love with her. This could become a serious problem. Pratapwant looks bored to death.

There's the answer. Do you want to know what I would say? It's a little late for that, don't you think? Do you speak Spanish? Nobody wants to live in my country. He ignored our warnings. It's a thing women already know.

Do they have a bicycle? He stopped reading newspapers.

Patrice is both attractive and intelligent. Guillermo said he was working on something important. Jorge is still very traumatized by what happened. Rex might be able to teach French to your kids.

He took the kids to the school. "I have a boyfriend." "Since when?" I want to know what you know.